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XFC Series Cooling Tower - Crossflow - Splash Fill - Concrete Structure
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XFC Series Cooling Towers

Our XFC Series tower design possesses the durable qualities required to meet the harshest of cooling conditions.

This crossflow concrete design is an excellent choice for remote locations with poor water quality conditions. The robust design is more than capable of withstanding the most severe wind, seismic and snow loading.

The splash fill material is selected to meet the unique water quality challenges for each application to ensure optimum cooling performance. Constructed of either polyvinylchloride (PVC) or polypropylene (PP) material, the splash fill that CTD utilizes can operate under prolonged hot water temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or more. CTD uses only the highest quality welded wire mesh for our splash fill hanging systems. Designed and constructed for the harsh environments found inside cooling towers, welded wire mesh is available in both 304L stainless steel and PVC-coated galvanized wire.